Vege & Vegan specialties

If there are any vegetarians or vegans on your guest list, we won't let you down. The specialties we make for them will also make others want to convert.

Our take on vegetarian and vegan cuisine

There were times when vegetarian and vegan meals were considered special, even odd. We perceive it as a cuisine of its own and prepare a colorful variety of flavors for everyone.

Taste the menu

We craft the menu individually so it fits the nature of your event and your guests' preferences. Why not taste it in advance, though? These are just a few items that might appear on the menu for your event.

  • Chickpea hummus with cumin, marinated peppers, olive ciabatta
  • Roasted celery creamy soup with roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Tikka masala with butter pumpkin, fresh coriander, jasmine rice
  • Chocolate-Grand Marnier tart with lavender créme fraîche