Birthday parties

No matter the age you're celebrating, we'll prepare an unforgettable experience.

Tailor-made menu, professional wine selection and more

Can you imagine a birthday party without a toast? No? Neither can we. That's why we take into account not just the food menu but also the selection of wines that come with it.

Our sommelier's performance isn't the only thing that makes “our” birthday parties stand out, though. You and your guests can look forward to a tailor-made food menu or a handpicked selection of craft beers, homemade lemonades and other beverages.

Our services at birthday parties

We take care of everything from tailor-made menu through to graphics, inventory and portable equipment. We also won’t forget about the entertainment – the grown-ups can enjoy a barbecue, barman show or a DJ set and there will definitely be some fun for the kids too.

What we serve


Thanks to its casual character banquets belong to the most favourite and frequent kinds of social meeting. Especially in cases when 20+ guests meet up.

Our staff welcomes your guests and serves a welcome drink. Cold and hot meals and desserts are served during the event - non-alcoholic beverages, wine and (if the kind of the event allows it) beer are available as well.

Banquets usually last three hours and its typical feature is that there is no seating order. Guests walk and talk while enjoying their food. A casual atmosphere is another typical attribute of the banquet.

Finger food and canapés

Finger food is a menu which you can use your fingers without getting dirty. There is no need for any cutlery. The size of one piece corresponds to one or two bites and they are served using special tableware - spoons, glasses, cups and little skewers.

We recommend finger food and canapés as an ideal choice of serving during banquets, receptions and private events.