Traditional Czech cuisine

We respect time-honoured recipes and top them up with modern preparation and serving.

Our take on Czech cuisine

Trying to “improve” the recipes that have survived decades and formed Czech cuisine as we know it today would be a mistake we don't want to make.

Instead, we prepare the Czech dishes in a way that'll remind your guests of a Sunday lunch at their grandma's while maintaining our high standard of serving to complete their overall experience.

Taste the menu

We craft the menu individually so it fits the nature of your event and your guests' preferences. Why not taste it in advance, though? These are just a few items that might appear on the menu for your event.

  • Sous vide breast of guinea fowl with salad of black salsify with fresh spinach and chives pesto
  • Pumpkin cream with foam of smoked bacon and pumpkin oil
  • Grilled fillet of perch from fish tanks in Horní Počernice with pea purée, glazed buttered carrot and sea buckthorn sauce
  • Sous vide steak of fallow deer leg from křivoklát forrest with mushroom sauce with bread and butter cranberry muffin, roast mushrooms
  • Curd apple pancakes with plums marinated in rum and honey with whipped fresh cheese