Typical French cuisine

From foie gras, through gratinated snails, to vanilla créme brûlée and other French delicatessen.

Our take on French cuisine

Visually and tastefully appealing food is one of the cornerstones of the French culture. We prepare top-notch quality food and from the best possible ingredients.

Taste the menu

We craft the menu individually so it fits the nature of your event and your guests' preferences. Why not taste it in advance, though? These are just a few items that might appear on the menu for your event.

  • Foie gras de canard with mousse of dried fruit and apple jelly, créme fraîche, buttery brioche
  • Gratinated snails with herb butter
  • Creamy onion soup - gratinated with gruyére cheese
  • Lightly smoked mouflon loin with purée of buttery pumpkin and salvia, fresh cranberries
  • Vanilla créme brûlée