Crisp Asian cuisine

Fresh herbs, local vegetable and of course so many noodles your guests will feel like they are on an adventurous expedition in Asia.

Our take on Asian cuisine

We've traveled the world to explore what the different variations of Asian cuisine have to offer. Then we handpicked the best of them. We follow traditional Asian recipes and prepare all dishes from scratch – no prefabricated dishes are allowed in our kitchen.

Taste the menu

We craft the menu individually so it fits the nature of your event and your guests' preferences. Why not taste it in advance, though? These are just a few items that might appear on the menu for your event.

  • Vietnamese chicken salad, goji, pine nuts, chilli and coconut dressing
  • Indonesian fish laksa, poached egg, glass noodles, coriander
  • Red curry with duck breast, bok choy, papaya mango salad
  • Thai sago pearls, pomegranate, breadfruit