Corporate events

Professionalism and understated class from logistics to the last piece of savory.

We specialize in smaller corporate gatherings

That's when we can fully leverage our potential to prepare an outstanding event from start to finish. Our strength lies in events for a hundred to a hundred and fifty guests.

Whether you're organizing a party for one of your company's departments or an official event on an international level, we offer a range of support from logistics, through a tailor-made menu and meal preparation to reliable, professional service.

If there's one thing you won't find at our events, it's waiters in a suit that's a size too big.

Our services at corporate events


Thanks to its casual character, banquets belong to the favourite and frequent kinds of social meeting. This fact is valid especially in cases when 20+ guests meet up.

Our staff welcome your guests followed by a welcome drink. Cold and hot meals with desserts are served during the event - non-alcoholic beverages, wine and (if the kind of the event allows it) beer are available as well.

Banquets usually last three hours and its typical feature is that there is no seating order. Guests walk and talk while enjoying their food. A casual atmosphere is another typical attribute of the banquet.

Finger food and canapés

The finger food is a menu which you can use your fingers without getting dirty. There is no need for any cutlery. The size of one piece corresponds to one or two bites and they are served using special tableware - spoons, glasses, cups and little skewers.

We recommend finger food and canapés as an ideal choice of serving during banquets, receptions, and private events.

Served menu

Typically we provide a served menu during more ceremonial and formal events at venues ranging from apartments to castles. The menu is composed of three to six courses, single meals are served to sitting guests sitting at a table.

We pay attention to table decorating, equipment, seating order and details such as choice of suitable wines, to served menu, and attentive staff.

Coffee break

A coffee break is an approximately 30-minute long snack which you can use for a typically morning or evening meeting at conferences, training days, and seminars.

Within a coffee break we serve savoury and sweet meals such as sandwiches, yogurts, croissants or fresh fruit. Espresso, teas, and alcohol-free beverages are a matter of course.